Why waterproof your shower ?

water damagefrom bad seal

Damage to wall due to water seeping when a silicone joint fails

In today’s hostile shower environment, waterproofing over your bath and shower base is a preventative measure taken to avoid damage caused by the penetration of moisture through tiles and grouted tile joints into the walls.

‘Waterproofing’ is the process of coating the walls with a membrane prior to tiling to avoid the risk of water damage. The membrane should be seamless, waterproof, flexible and all cases where installed over bath or shower receptor, should accommodate the return of any moisture retained between the tile and membrane back into the receptor.

joist damage due to shower

Long-term damage to joists from leaking shower seal

Waterproofing systems are being increasingly specified as a necessary counter measure to the daily use of high performance shower technology. When waterproofing systems are installed with the correct movement joint, they are highly effective method of preventing water damage.

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Why waterproof your shower ? August 2, 2018