Trimlux is currently available in two different profile types, namely Trimlux Pro 25 and Trimlux Regular (Reg) 25.
Both profiles are 25mm wide, Trimlux Pro 25 has a punched upstand and can be fixed to wall with tile adhesive. Trimlux Reg 25 is not punched and hence it can be installed behind or overtile (should you need to fix an existing leak). Trimlux Pro 25 only be installed blind tiles but it is worth mentioning that if you are installing small tiles (e.g. 50mm x 50mm) they will need tile adhesive to secure them over the seal.

Unique benefits of using a Trimlux Seal are:

1. Durability
The sealant remains protected inside the trim from the shower environment.

2. Flexibility
The flexible outer leg allows joint movement between the wall and shower tray or bath ledge.

3. Aesthetics
The silicone is concealed from view so you see no slime or mildew.

4. Hygiene
Trimlux strips do not attract shower waste material. The curved outer leg throw body-wash waste over the silicone onto the ledge.

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How a Trimlux works

Trimlux is a two-part shower/bath seal that combines a PVC trim with silicone. The Trimlux design incorporates a toothed inner leg that after installation remains fixed to the shower/bath ledge once the silicone has cured.

When joint movement occurs it is tolerated through deflection of the curved outer leg, this is illustrated on the adjacent video.

Seal durability is enhanced as the silicone remains concealed and protected from the shower environment inside the trim.

The main causes of seal failure (which is highly common) modern showers/baths can be accredited to the lack of seal to accommodate joint movement and the failure of a sealing material (Silicone) to withstand the aggressive shower environments. Trimlux addresses both of these industry shortcomings with its unique design.

Trimlux Product Range

Trimlux 25


Trimlux 25 profiles are most suitable to seal joints where the gap between the vertical and horizontal surface is not greater than 12mm and the thickness of the tile is not greater than 10mm.

Download the Trimlux Brochure here

  • Trimlux Reg 25 High Spec.
  • 25mm wide strip (no holes) fixed to wall with Sealux-N
  • For high spec. performance.
  • Installed behind/over tiles
  • One tube of Sealux-N/length
  • For bath, tray, countertop or floor
  • Trimlux Pro 25 Standard Spec.
  • A 25mm wide strip (with holes)
  • Fixed to wall with tile adhesive
  • Installed behind tiles only
  • Half / One tube of Sealux-N/length
  • For bath/tray/countertop/floor

Trimlux Installation Video

Installing Trimlux Regular

Installing Trimlux Pro

Trimlux August 23, 2018