What sealing trims should I use for a tiled bathroom?

You can use either Sealux or Trimlux. Sealux and Trimlux are both PVC trims that are installed after the shower tray or bath is fitted and both strips accommodate joint movement.

Aquastrap is a flexible rubber up-stand seal that can only be fitted before a shower tray or bath is located in its final position during the installation process.



What’s the difference between a Sealux Seal and a Trimlux Seal?

While both accommodate joint movement, Sealux strips incorporate a green silicone bond-breaker tape that allows the silicone to stretch when joint movement occurs. Unlike Trimlux, Sealux strips are also available in 3 different widths, 15, 20 and 25 mm. Please see this animation here.
Trimlux does not use a bond breaker tape like Sealux but accommodates joint movement through flexing. Trimlux is available in 25mm wide strips. Please see the Trimlux animation.

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Why is the difference between PRO (Professional) and REG (Regular) trims?

Our Sealux and Trimlux trims are available with holes (these are called ‘PRO’ strips) and without holes (these are called ‘REG’ strips)
There is no difference in product performance between PRO and REG sealing strips.
The Pro range of seals can only be fitted behind tiles and are fixed to wall with tile adhesive.
The Reg range of seals are fixed to wall with silicone and can be fitted either behind tile or over tile. In either case you should always use high quality Sealux-N silicone when installing Sealux and Trimlux strips.
If you are waterproofing you shower walls with a tanking product we would recommend using a ‘REG’ type strip.

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My current seal is exposed silicone and it is leaking, do I have to remove the bottom row of tiles to fit one of your seals?

While Sealux and Trimlux are primarily designed for installation behind tiles, the Reg versions can be fitted over tiles where tile removal is not a realistic or desired choice.
A behind tile installation (where possible) should take precedence over an over tile installation because it looks and performs better. However, if the focus is immediate leak prevention and damage limitation, an over tile installation may be appropriate. We strongly advise all old silicone is removed and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned as detailed in our instructions.


If I choose wall panels for my bathroom, what seals can I use?

Sealux have developed Cladseal and Panseal for shower wall panels. Cladseal is suitable for PVC wall panels whilst Panseal is suitable for high pressure laminated wall panels. Both use the same ‘joint movement’ principle as provided for in the Sealux seal range (a silicone bond breaker tape).

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How do your shower trims differ from other strips on the market?

Our patented strip designs are exclusively manufactured by Sealux Limited. Our strips not only accommodate joint movement between the ledge and wall but conceal the silicone from view and the deteriorating effects of the shower environment. Realistic home owners buying seals should be quality focused because they foot the bill for leaks. The cost of repairing a leaking seal (and property damage) far outweighs the price of any of our shower or bath sealing systems.


What is the difference between your shower trims and ‘soft lip’ trims?

Our shower sealing trims are not ‘soft lip’ trims of the type promoted in many DIY sheds and tile retail chains. Sealux believe these products are of an inherently flawed design.
Soft lip trims require the constant pressure of the soft lip on the ledge to maintain a seal. Soft lip trims are fixed exclusively to the wall. It is obvious to any fair minded observer that as the ledge/wall joint expands, the sealing pressure exerted by soft lip on the ledge diminishes and ultimately leaks.
Regular exposure of this ‘soft lip’ to the harsh shower environment (soaps, shampoos, cleaning chemicals and temperature fluctuations) causes stress relaxation in the soft lip that also leads to leaks.

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Do Sealux, Trimlux, Cladseal or Panseal trims discolour?

In short – No



How do I make sure my measurements for the Trims are correct before I buy them?

Firstly you need to decide how many sides of your shower tray or bath need to be sealed, Our strips are 1.85 metres long.


Do I need to be a professional tiler or plumber to fit your seals?

No. Basic DIY skills will suffice when fitting our seals. We do however recommend that you read our instructions and/or watch our installation video prior to installing our seals.

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My Installer has never fitted one of these before, what assistance can he have?

Installation literature and videos are available for all Sealux products on www.sealux.com