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Panseal is a bespoke sealing system that has been specifically designed for HPL (High Pressure Laminate) Shower wall panels. It is the preferred seal of choice by leading HPL Shower wall panel manufacturers.
In a climate of fluctuating temperatures, soaps, shampoos & body wash, exposed sealant attracts a dirty bio-slime film that accelerates silicone deterioration leaving an unhygienic eyesore, hassle or a leaking seal causing property damage.

Benefits of using a Panseal Seal are:

1. Durability
The sealant remains protected inside the trim from the deteriorating effects of modern shower environments.

2. Flexibility
The incorporation of a pre-applied silicone bond-breaker inside the strip allows substantial joint movement between the wall and shower tray or bath ledge without leaking. Panseal meets the British Standard recommendations.

3. Hygiene
Exposed silicone is like magnet for body-wash. The Panseal strip throws body-wash waste over the silicone onto the ledge.

4. Aesthetics
A dirty silicone seal can make a newly installed shower look aged in a matter of weeks. With Panseal the silicone is concealed from view so you see no slime, mildew or mould, just a hardwearing durable seal that does the job.

cross sectional view of Panseal and shower wall panelpansleal installed

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How a Panseal works

Panseal combines a rigid pvc strip with Sealux-N silicone. Each strip has a green tape (green dotted line) applied to the inside face. This is a silicone bond breaker that prevents the silicone bonding to this part of the strip.

The silicone only bonds to the upper part of the strip at x and the ledge at y.

To accommodate joint movement the silicone releases off the green tape and stretches like an elastic band to create a flexible bridge between the strip at x and the ledge at y.

This “bond-breaker” tape creates great flexibility in the silicone, the “shielding” effect of the strip over the silicone ensures prolonged durability.


  • The Panseal 18 seal is suitable for HPL (High Pressure Laminates) wall panels that do not exceed 10mm thickness.
  • Panseal 18 is available to purchase in kit form and individual trim lengths.
  • We recommend using Sealux-N in conjunction with Panseal, other sealants may have poor elasticity, adhesion and anti bacterial properties.
  • Panseal comes in lengths of 1850mm long.
  • Panseal is an industry endorsed sealing system.

Download the Panseal Brochure here

Panseal Installation Video

panseal section
  • An 18mm wide strip fixed to wall with Sealux-N/nails
  • For high spec. performance.
  • Installed behind HPL Wooden Based shower wall panels
  • One tube of Sealux-N/length
  • For bath, or showertray
Panseal September 3, 2018