About Sealux Ltd.

Sealux Ltd. specialises in the design, manufacture and distribution of innovative movement joint seals for installation between shower trays or baths and adjacent shower walls prior to the tiling, waterproofing or panelling.

Established in 1998 to research the technical and commercial opportunity for ‘a better seal’, Sealux launched their first product under the Sealux brand in 2000. Since then continued demand and product development has resulted in the launch of a range of professional and DIY joint sealing systems into the tile and shower wall panel industries under their own brands and private labels.

All Sealux sealing systems are patented and comply with relevant Codes of Practice where possible. As a leading manufacturer and supplier of movement joint seals, their ability to innovate new practical solutions and synergise with strategic partners in the tile and shower wall panel sectors is well proven.

The Sealux brands include Sealux, Trimlux, Cladseal, Panseal and Aquastrap.

Sealux supply their sealing systems to complementary product manufacturers, distributors and direct to retailers focussed on ‘fitness for purpose’. Times are tough and the reality is not all products promoted in the market today are fit for purpose. Consequentially consumer education remains a key tool in the promotion of Sealux products. With consumer knowledge comes the power to differentiate good products from bad products, good advice from bad advice and honest product descriptions from misleading product labels.

The benchmarks Sealux refer to in highlighting aspects of their product designs are extracts from relevant codes considered best practice in the field. Where such codes are referred to, the information is specific and presented not just to promote the benefit of their products, but to allow specifiers and potential purchasers consider the merit of such codes and the benefit of product compliance in light of the particular task at hand.

With new products in the pipeline, Sealux will continue to maintain a leadership role in 2013 by offering their partners state of art movement joint seals that deliver long term satisfaction for their customers and end users.