HydroHALT is an award winning advanced shower tray and bath upstand sealing system. HydroHALT has three main components, The HydroHALT Strip, The Sealant Backer Rod and Sealux-N Sealant Adhesive.
HydroHALT is available in two different formats, HydroHALT PlumBud and HydroHALT TileBud, the difference being whether or not the ‘Sealant Backer Rod’ is pre-applied or not. These variants allow installers to pick the most suitable product for sealing their shower tray (or bath) should the shower tray be already installed into its final position or not.
HydroHALT PlumBud: Is installed during installation of a shower tray or bath
HydroHALT TileBud: is installed retrospectively into or over an existing ledge/wall joint

Benefits of using a HydroHALT Sealing System are:

  • Simple to Install
  • New & Existing Installations
  • Regular, Slimline & Upstand Trays
  • Flexible & Durable
  • Perfect with Tanking Systems
  • Award Winning Design (Architects Choice Award at the Architecture and Building Expo.  2017)
  • Meets all relevant BS and DIN Codes of Practice

HydroHALT is superior in material composition, offers greater installation versatility and higher product performance as well as meeting all relevant BS and DIN Codes of Practice.

See HydroHALT.com for more information

How HydroHALT works

HydroHALT Product Range


The PlumBud Strip has a 6x12mm Acoustic/Sealant Backer Rod attached. PlumBud is stuck onto the sidewall of a shower tray prior to installing the shower tray in position. With the aid of the ‘Backer Rod Alignment Guide’ installation is a made simple and quick.

PlumBud is available in lengths of 2.0m,  2.5m,  3.2m,  3.8m and 25Mtr trade rolls


TileBud comes with a  7mm round backer rod. TileBud is stuck onto the wall at a easy defined height above the ledge. Designed for installing during or after installation of shower trays and baths, the TileBud strip features a perforation line that enables tearing off a lower strip portion when required.

TileBud is available in lengths of 2.0m,  2.5m,  3.2m,  3.8m and  50m trade rolls.

Trade Pack Formats

HydroHALT is most cost effective when purchased in ‘Trade Pack Format’ allowing the components be cut to the exact length required.
HydroHALT PlumBud is available in 25m Lengths
HydroHALT TileBud is available in 50m Lengths
Backer Rod 7mm Round – 50 Mtrs. / Roll
Backer Rod 6mm x12mm – 150 Mtrs. / Box

Download the HydroHALT PlumBud Brochure here

Download the HydroHALT TileBud Brochure here

HydroHALT PlumBud Installation Video

HydroHALT TileBud Installation Video

HydroHALT August 28, 2018