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Cladseal is a bespoke sealing system that has been designed specifically for PVC Shower wall panels. It is industry endorsed by Europe’s leading PVC Shower wall panel manufacturers and is the choice of the professional.
Cladseal accommodates joint movement in a similar way to the Sealux profiles.
Over ht past decade PVC Wall Panels have grown in popularity, particularly in residential bathrooms. They are easy to install and maintain, relatively inexpensive and come in a wide range of decorative finishes that will cater for all design themes. Cladseal uses a patented design that ensures waterproofing, accommodate joint movement and lifespan longevity.
Cladseal is a two part shower tray/bath sealing system comprising of a PVC strip and a high performance silicone called Sealux-N

Unique benefits of using a Cladseal Seal are:

1. Flexibility
The incorporation of a pre-applied silicone bond-breaker inside the strip allows substantial joint movement between the wall and shower tray or bath ledge without leaking.

2. Durability
The sealant remains protected inside the trim from the deteriorating effects of modern shower environments. Once installed, Cladseal will last for years.

3. Hygiene
Exposed silicone seals are like magnets for body-wash. When Cladseal is installed there is no exposed silicone and no mould, just a clean trim.

4. Aesthetics
Again, no exposed silicone so no mould growth. Cladseal trims are white and in most installations will compliment the colour of the ledge or wall cladding and appear as an attractive transition joint profile.

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How a Cladseal works

Like Sealux and Panseal profiles, the inner surface of the Cladseal strip outer leg is laminated with a sealant bond-breaker tape (green line).

Excluding the uppermost surface (x), the inner cavity walls of Cladseal are partially layered with a polythene tape indicated by the green line. Sealux-N silicone will not bond to this polythene tape. It is a silicone bond breaker !

When joint movement occurs between the wall and ledge, the Sealux-N silicone bonded to Cladseal at (x) and to the ledge at (y) comes under tension.

To reduce this build up of tension the silicone must stretch, but to stretch without restriction (like an elastic band), it must first release off the inner cavity walls of the Cladseal profile. The silicone bond breaker allows the silicone to release off the inner cavity walls and stretch to reduce the build up of tension.

Cladseal Product Range


  • Cladseal 15 is suitable for PVC/acrylic shower wall panels that do not exceed 5mm-6mm thickness.
  • Cladseal 18 is our most popular version and is suitable for PVC shower wall panels ranging from 8mm-10mm thickness.
  • Cladseal is available to purchase in kit form and individual trim lengths.
  • We recommend using Sealux-N in conjunction with Cladseal, other sealants may have poor elasticity, adhesion and anti bacterial properties.
  • Cladseal comes in lengths of 1850mm long

cladseal brochureDownload the Cladseal Brochure here

  • Cladseal 18
  • An 18mm wide strip fixed to wall with Sealux-N/nails
  • For high spec. performance.
  • Installed behind pvc /acrylic shower wall panel
  • One tube of Sealux-N/length
  • For bath, tray, countertop or floor

Note: When installing wall panels that are less that 8-10mm thick (typically 4-6mm thick) the installer can opt for Sealux Reg 15 profile. For any queries please contact us vial tel or our contact page.

Cladseal Installation Video

Cladseal August 31, 2018