About Trimlux Shower and Bath Seals

Trimlux is a two part shower tray/bath sealing system comprising of a 25mm PVC strip and a high performance silicone called Sealux-N.

trimlux pro 25

The inner leg (y) acts firstly as a sealant bond-breaker to prevent silicone adhering to the underside surface of the outer flexible leg (x) and thus restrict movement, and secondly as a toothed anchoring leg that when filled with silicone firmly fixes the trim to the ledge.

When joint expansion occurs, the outer flexible leg (x) adjusts to accommodate the movement.

trimlux reg 25

Unique benefits of Trimlux are:

1. Flexibility
The flexible outer leg (x) allows joint movement between the wall and shower tray or bath ledge.

2. Durability
The sealant remains protected inside the trim from the shower environment.

3. Hygiene
Trimlux strips do not attract shower waste material. The curved outer leg throw body-wash waste over the silicone onto the ledge.

4. Aesthetics
The silicone is concealed from view so you see no slime or mildew.

For further information please visit the Trimlux website