About Sealux Shower and Bath Seals

A Sealux Seal is a two part shower tray/bath sealing system comprising of a 15mm, 20mm or 25mm strip and a high performance silicone called Sealux-N.

Sealux Seals are offered in various widths because site conditions can differ.

Sealux Pro 15

Sealux Pro 15


A shower tray with narrow ledge might necessitate a 15mm or 20mm strip to avoid the strip outer edge extending over the inside ledge corner.
A shower tray with a 12mm gap between the ledge and wall will require a 25mm wide strip to span the gap and provide a seal with the ledge.

sealux how it works

The most unique part of the Sealux profile is the sealant bond-breaker tape pre-applied onto the inside surface of the outer leg (red line).

Once cured, the sealant cannot adhere to the bond-breaker tape. The sealant remains bonded to the ledge at y and uppermost inside corner of the strip at x as the animation highlights.

When the joint expands, the sealant comes under tension and releases off the green tape. The sealant can then accommodate joint movement by stretching like an elastic band between the bonded points x and y.

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Unique benefits of Sealux are:

1. Flexibility
The incorporation of a pre-applied silicone bond-breaker inside the strip allows substantial joint movement between the wall and shower tray or bath ledge without leaking.

2. Durability
The sealant remains protected inside the trim from the deteriorating effects of modern shower environments.

3. Hygiene
Exposed silicone seals are like magnets for body-wash. Sealux strips throw body-wash waste over the silicone onto the ledge.

4. Aesthetics
Dirty silicone seals can make newly tiled showers and bathrooms look aged in a matter of weeks. With Sealux the silicone is concealed from view so you see no slime or mildew, just a hardwearing durable seal that does the job!

For further information please visit the Sealux Seals website