About Aquastrap


Aquastrap is a two part sealing system that combines a flexible adhesive up-stand strip and a silicone.

aquastrap roll


Aquastrap comprises of:

1. EPDM up-stand
2. Up-stand isolating membrane
3. Butyl adhesive tape
4. Butyl adhesive isolating cord
5. Lower adhesive release liner
6. Upper adhesive release liner
7. Sealux-N silicone



aquastrap roll

aquastrap roll

1. The primary sealing material in this two part sealing system is the silicone which is typically applied into the joint between a wall tile and adjacent ledge.

2. The secondary sealing materials are the up-stand strip and adhesive strip. The up-stand strip forms the third inner side of this three sided sealant joint.

3. The up-stand strip and butyl adhesive are polymeric components strategically layered with sealant isolating materials to prevent contact with reactive silicones.

The Aquastrap up-stand strip is supplied BS6213 compliant insofar as the polymeric up-stand and butyl adhesive materials areisolated from direct contact with reactive sealants that may later be applied into the joint between the wall tile and adjacent ledge.

For further information please visit the Aquastrap website