While we would all like to have a fabulous new designer bathroom fitted with all the top of the range fittings, it’s not always possible in these tough recessionary times, so here are a few helpful tips that will give your bathroom a fresh, clean and brighter look!

1.Replace your shower curtain – sometimes clear glass shower doors are out of your budget so we suggest you remove the old “streaked with soap” or “mildew stained” shower curtain and replace with a new bright waterproof, easy-care plain or patterned variety .

2.Use mirrors wherever possible to brighten up your bathroom. Locate and angle mirror(s) to opposite natural light sources (windows or lights) and brighten up those gloomy corners. We have seen inexpensive mirrors fitted to cover most of a bathroom wall and really brighten up the whole bathroom.

3.Try some new paint – most bathrooms have a mix of tiles and paint and very often the ceiling paint is stained or steam blistered. White ceiling paint is clean and bright looking and bounces the light so that’s a good starting point.  If your walls can be painted of papered, make sure you choose specialist products that can withstand the constant moisture of the bathroom environment .

4.Now it’s time to have a look at your tiles, cleaning up the grout or re-grouting between the wall tiles can dramatically improve the tiles appearance. Remove mucky, grubby sealant and replace with a new sealant, again make sure you do your research and pick a good waterproof sealant that will withstand the constant moisture.

5.Fixtures and Fittings – with retail sales on all over the country it’s a good time to look around for some inexpensive  towel rails, toilet roll holders, shelves etc or better still your existing ones (if made of wood) may just need to be painted a brighter colour, these all help to give a fresher look.

6.Extra accessories – new soap dispensers, tooth brush holders in glass, chrome or plain porcelain can finish off the new improved, brighter look .

7.Finally we think the finishing touch should be a new toilet seat lid, there are so many themed, colourful or plain types available now, you can even pick one that introduces some humour into your new bathroom make over!!

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