Upstand Tile Flange Kit to Install over a Shower Tray, Shower Base Pan, Bath or Bathtub for a Waterproof Joint

The Sealux Standard in Upstand Sealing Systems

HydroHALT is our ‘state of art’ in upstand seals and offers advantages over stick-on butyl/EPDM upstand sealing strips. HydroHalt may be installed before, during or after installation of shower trays and baths and is compatible with liquid and matt waterproofing systems. HydroHalt is available in two different formats, PlumBud for new installations and TileBud for new and retro fit.

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A Tile Flange Kit for Shower Bases, Bathtubs and Pans

flangeband logoflangeband kitFlangeBand is a tile flange kit for shower bases and bathtubs that is installed over shower bases and bathtubs with integral tiling flanges and shower bases and tubs without tile flanges. Installation can occur during installation of the receptor or after installation into a joint between the rim and wall or over the shower base / bathtub rim in refurbishment projects.


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A Fully Concealed Upstand Seal for Trays & Baths

aquastrap logoAquaStrap combines a 70mm wide epdm upstand strip with a 40mm wide adhesive bed to accommodate shower trays and baths with perimeter sidewall widths of 40mm and more.
The AquaStrap strip is unique in having a 3mm round neoprene cord bonded to the upper edge of the butyl adhesive bed. This 3mm round neoprene cord serves to isolate silicone applied into the tile/ledge joint from touching and reacting with the butyl adhesive material.
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Sealing Slimline & Low Profile Shower Trays and Baths

transeal boxTranSeal combines a 70mm wide epdm upstand strip with a 20mm wide adhesive bed to accommodate shower trays and baths with perimeter sidewalls less than 40mm wide. The TranSeal kit includes 2 alcohol wipes and a short butyl strip ‘corner extender’ that should be applied (if required) over rounded shower tray and bath sidewall corners and moulded to form a 90 degree angle ensuring the Transeal strip extends fully into adjacent wall corners.


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Sealux Seals Ltd., What We Do

Sealux Ltd. is a provider of innovative solutions for the sealing of movement joints in domestic shower areas.
Movement joints in domestic shower areas are typically the joints between shower tray or bath ledges and adjacent walls. This joint is called a movement joint because it moves, often as a result of floor shrinkage (drying) or acrylic bath deflection (weight).
The Sealux Portal is a gateway into the art of sealing movement joints when installing tiles or wall cladding in domestic wet areas. Sealux Innovation is the reward on our commitment to research and development. Our products are patented and insured world wide.
The Sealux Philosophy is that through our ability to innovate new improved solutions to old problems and synergise with global partners, we can make a positive contribution to construction practices worldwide.

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Patented PVC Seals for Installation with Tiles over Shower Trays and Baths

The Sealux Seals product range offer 6 different seals that allow for joint movement between wall and shower tray/bath. Sealux Seals consist of a pvc trim (incorporating a pre-applied silicone bond-breaker) & a quality silicone. Designed to prevent leaks and to meet the building standards, the range has 3 profile widths 15mm, 20mm, 25mm.
Trimlux offer a range of 2 waterproofing shower sealing trims that combine a flexible pvc trim with a quality silicone. Profiles are 25mm wide and available with or without holes. The focus of our product development was to offer general trade installers a seal that was fit for purpose, easy to install, hygienic and looked great!.

Why Choose a Sealux Sealing System?

“We are an innovative forward thinking company that designs and manufactures the leading shower and bath seals on the market today.
No other company offers such a broad range of seals that are industry endorsed and proven to work”Need Assistance

Patented PVC Seals/Sealux-N Systems for Shower Wall Panel Installations

cladseal logocladseal profile
FOR DECORATIVE PVC WALL PANELS – Cladseal shower seals are designed for sealing lightweight PVC wall panels to shower trays and baths. CLADSEAL was developed to seal the joint between shower wall cladding and the adjacent shower tray, bath or floor. Cladseal is endorsed by Europe’s leading pvc wall panel manufacturers who have contributed photographs for the manufacturers gallery.
panseal logopanseal profiles
Seals for High Pressure Laminates HPL Wall Panels
Panseal is a bespoke shower seal for sealing the bottom edge of shower wall panels to surfaces such as floors and shower tray/bath ledges. We partner leading Shower Wall Panel manufacturers wishing to offer a package of solutions incorporating a maintenance free seal that enhances the long term Shower Wall experience !

Sealux-N silicone, The Trusted Silicone for use on all Sealux Sealing Systems

Sealux N logosealux N silicone
Sealux-N is the only sealant adhesive tested and approved by Sealux for use with all Sealux Sealing Systems. Sealux-N is a highly elastic neutral curing high grade sanitary silicone we also recommend Sealux-N as a multi-purpose sealant when sealing wall and floor joints, sanitary fittings, shower doors and kitchen worktops. Sealux-N conforms to EN 15651-1: F-EXT-INT-CC 25LM, EN 15651-2: G-CC 25LM, EN 15651-3: S XS2.

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showersealsldirect logoPurchasing Sealux Products

Sealux do not sell direct to end users. Our preferred route to end users is through our network of local distributors and retailers, please refer to the respective product website for further information. The link provided is directed to one such internet website specializing in the complete range of Sealux products throughout the UK and EU. USA and Canada can purchase our sealing products on this site

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HydroHALT evolves

Now you can get PlumBud and TileBud versions of HydroHALT, this makes it easier for you to install depending upon your installation

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