Welcome to the Sealux Range of Joint Sealing Systems for Shower Trays, Baths and Worktops

Sealux offer a range of shower tray and bath perimeter joint sealing systems for installation with tiles, shower waterproofing tanking systems and shower wall panels.

Our patented designs are innovative and meet recognised codes of practice. Product Options allows Architects & Specifiers get speedily acquainted with the range of joint sealing solutions offered by Sealux

sealux N silicone

Sealux-N is the only sealant adhesive tested and approved by Sealux for use with all Sealux Sealing Systems. Sealux-N is a highly elastic neutral curing high grade sanitary silicone we also recommend Sealux-N as a multi-purpose sealant when sealing wall and floor joints, sanitary fittings, shower doors and kitchen worktops. Sealux-N conforms to EN 15651-1: F-EXT-INT-CC 25LM, EN 15651-2: G-CC 25LM, EN 15651-3: S XS2.

PVC Strip/Sealux-N Systems for Installation with Tiles over Shower Trays and Baths

sealux shower seals

The Sealux Seals product range offer 6 different seals that allow for joint movement between wall and shower tray/bath. Sealux Seals consist of a pvc trim (incorporating a pre-applied silicone bond-breaker) & a quality silicone. Designed to prevent leaks and to meet the building standards, the range has 3 profile widths 15mm, 20mm, 25mm

trimlux shower seals

Trimlux offer a range of 2 waterproofing shower sealing trims that combine a flexible pvc trim with a quality silicone. The focus of our product development was to offer general trade installers a seal that was fit for purpose, easy to install, hygienic and looked good!.

Upstand Strip Sealing Systems for Installation around Shower Trays, Baths & Worktops


HydroHALTHydroHALT is our current benchmark in upstand seals combining an upstand strip called HydroHALT, with a backer rod and Sealux-N sealant adhesive. These three key components are available in two product formats, PlumBud for Plumbers to install during installation of a tray or bath, and TileBud for Tilers to install during or after installation of a shower tray or bath.


Aquastrap is a self-adhesive 'easy-fit' flexible waterproof up-stand seal designed to be fitted onto the side of a shower tray, bath or worktop before installation. The up-stand is sandwiched between the tile and wall and is flexible enough to accommodate ledge/wall joint movement.

PVC Strip/Sealux-N Systems for Installation with Wall Panels over Trays and Baths

Sealux Ltd. developed Panseal - a bespoke shower seal for sealing the bottom edge of shower wall panels to surfaces such as floors and shower tray/bath ledges. We partner leading Shower Wall Panel manufacturers wishing to offer a package of solutions incorporating a maintenance free seal that enhances the long term Shower Wall experience !

FOR DECORATIVE PVC WALL PANELS - Cladseal shower seals are designed for sealing lightweight PVC wall panels to shower trays and baths. Cladseal is endorsed by Europe's leading pvc wall panel manufacturers who have contributed photographs for the manufacturers gallery.

Product Availability

Sealux do not sell direct to end users. Our preferred route to end users is through our network of local distributors and retailers, please refer to the respective product website for further information. The link provided is directed to one such internet website specializing in the complete range of Sealux products.